Washing Your Hair

A Glamorous Look For A Night Out With The Girls, Or A Casual Yet Stylish Look For Every Day Wear

Your hairstyle is a form of expressing your unique personality mainly because your tresses are, after all, your crowning glory. Still, your hairstyle must be adapted to the circumstances you find yourself in for obvious reasons. You want to project a certain image to others in the hope that you will be treated in a certain way, not to mention that your hairstyle serves a practical purpose in everyday life.

With that being said, here are a few tips on achieving the appropriate hairstyle for your workplace as well as for a girls’ night out in town and for a casual day.

For Work

As cliché as it may sound, it is true: If you want to be taken seriously at work, you must have a respectable hairstyle. Keep in mind that your hairstyle can work for or against you in the office where everything from jewelry and makeup to suits and shoes are scrutinized by employers, bosses and co-workers. The image you present to others can leave a lasting impression regardless of your actual work performance.

We then suggest the following hairstyle tips for choosing the best style for the office:

• Go for well-kept hair instead of big hair and the like. Aside from the fact that the 80s have come and gone, big hair characterized by large curls, teased bangs and bold hair accessories attract far too much unwanted attention. Keep your hair as professional as possible.

• Give the impression that your hair is low-maintenance while still looking healthy. We recommend a low ponytail or a chignon for medium-length hair so that you can avoid doing distracting movements with it, say, wrapping your finger around it, tucking it behind your hair and just moving it around. Otherwise, you give off an impression that you spend more time on your hair than you do on work.

If you have curls in your hair, you can skip the shampoo and use conditioner only to prevent frizzy hair. You should also use a styling cream and curling iron to trim your curls and waves.

Just keep your hairstyle simple so that you have a professional image in the workplace. Plus, it is certainly easier to maintain during your workday.

 For Night Out with the Girls

For a night of clubbing, discoing and bar-hopping with your girlfriends, you can allow yourself to be a girl’s girl, so to speak. You can be as sexy as you want starting from your hairstyle down to your stiletto heels.

We suggest the following easy-to-do and yet sexy-as-hell hairstyles:

• Sexy hair with a tousled texture can be achieved by flipping your head upside down, give it a good shake and then applying a texturizing product. Shake your head again, scrunch your hair and then get your right side up. Using your fingers, gently comb through your hair for a just-out-bed-but-still-sexy look.

• Undone yet sassy, sexy updo ala Kate Beckinsale is easy. Spritz your hair with a refresher, back-comb with a wide-toothed comb, apply serum and then pull your tresses into a messy twist at the back. You can secure loose ends with bobby pins.

For your casual days, you can just leave your hair as naturally as possible. Ponytails, side buns and messy updos are great ideas, too.