5 Sources Of C60

Honestly, C60 can only be found in minute quantities throughout nature. Imagine you lit that match stick, you’re releasing some carbon molecules. And since C60 is a carbon molecule, that means it’s also released in the atmosphere.

Let’s look at some other sources.

  1. Oil C60 from synthetically derived Lab

After the Baati study, manufacturers have seen a window of opportunity to make oil-soluble C60. These manufacturers stir pure carbon-60 (99.98%) in olive oil without exposing it to oxygen, light, or heat for two weeks. After there, the mixture is first centrifuged before filtering it through a pretty fine sieve to eliminate any suspended particles.

C60 in that context is combined with oil to give a solution called lipofullerene. However, the quality of that oil will depend heavily on the quality of oil and the condition maintained while preparing it. It should not be exposed to light since it will result in a plethora of toxic by-products. Also, overheating it can be a problem since it can degrade the oil. I would suggest checking out the following website if you want to learn more about this product https://www.c60-oils.com/

  • Meteorites, start dust or lightning discharges

Scientists have found carbon-60 when they collect meteorite sample and also has been found from the dust of a fallen star when analyzed. Besides, C60 has been found available on the dead trees and the ground when lightning strikes them. All these discoveries tell us that C60 by far predates life on this planet and also confirms that C60 is constituted in the creation and universe. ALso a good source of information is here at wiki https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buckminsterfullerene

  • Blackstrap molasses

If you’ve ever fermented cane sugar and left it for a long time, congrats! You formed a minute quantity of this miracle molecule without your knowledge.

When cane sugar ferments, you get blackstrap molasses that contain minute quantities of C60. Apart from the magical molecule, you can retrieve some good amount of nutrients and minerals. They include magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, selenium, B vitamin, and calcium.

Though it can seem a natural way of retrieving this carbon molecule, the quantity you acquire from this process is not enough for you to experience all the wonderful benefits of C60.

  • Charcoal or soot

Charcoal or soot contains a significant amount of carbon molecules- where some of them are hazardous to your health. Right from the charcoal or soot, there exist small to no C60 molecule.

Unlike activated charcoal that passes your body without being absorbed and risks your body with unwanted carbon versions, C60 works pretty amazingly. It’s absorbed excellently in the system and eliminates all free radicals.

  • Shilajit

Shilajit is an incredible 100% natural complex compound packed with fulvic acid, 80+ trace minerals, and humic substances. It’s extracted from end products of millions of years of plant matter decompositions. This compound has been found to possess a pool of health benefits.

Besides Fulvic acid, Shilajit constitutes of DCPs (dibenzo-alpha-pyrone chromoproteins) and DBPs (dibenzo-alpha-pyrones)- which offer antioxidant support and boosts energy levels. Research indicates that DCPs and DBPs in Shilajit contain Carbon-60.

Shilajit can be the ultimate supplement if you can purchase it from a genuine manufacturer who does not add chemicals or expose heat to it.

If you’ve been keen, you’ve noticed that C60 is found in minute quantities. Therefore, be careful when choosing the source of this magical molecule.