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Why Regularly Shampooing and Conditioning Your Hair Is Important

Shampoos and conditioners are staples in hair care. In fact, many individuals feel that their daily personal hygiene is incomplete without shampooing and conditioning their hair. The hundreds of brands for these hair care products are proof of their importance in daily life.

Lest you think that shampoos and conditioners are just products pushed at consumers by overzealous manufacturers eager to make more than a few bucks, think again. These hair care products have a practical significance in maintaining healthy tresses from the inside out.

Shampooing Is a Daily Must

Let’s first talk about shampooing because, in many ways, it is more important than conditioning. All shampoos are formulated to achieve one main purpose – to remove the buildup of dirt, dust and other environmental debris as well as the scalp’s natural oils and dead skin cells. Said removal of unwanted particles must be achieved without stripping the hair and scalp of their natural sebum – oils – lest both become unhealthy, unmanageable and ugly.

When we speak of unhealthy scalp and hair, we are referring to actual diseases and illnesses in these areas of the body. Several studies have shown that the scalp accumulates more environmental dirt than the skin on the face and body itself. This does not include the dead skin cells that the scalp also sheds.

When these accumulated particles, pollutants and contaminants are not removed, the scalp and hair suffers in so many ways. Not only will both appear dirty but these are also prone to various bacterial, viral and fungal infections. We can mention:

• Folliculitis, inflammation of hair follicles caused by the staph bacteria

• Herpes simplex and herpes zoster, both caused by viruses

• Seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, which causes redness, crusting and inflammation

• Psoriasis characterized by flakiness, oiliness and redness

• Dandruff, which can be embarrassing in social situations

Plus, you are more likely to become an unwitting host to parasites living on the scalp and hair. Think of lice and the like.

So, use the right shampoo on your hair to make it clean and, thus, as free as possible from dirt, dust and diseases. Just don’t overdo on the shampooing either since it can also damage your scalp and hair.

Conditioning Is a Regular Must, Too

On most days, shampooing will not be complete without conditioning. The trick is in choosing and using the right type of conditioner for your hair so that it achieves most, if not all, of the following objectives:

• Nourishment – Shampooing your hair, sadly, also removes nutrients along with the grime. Your conditioner should have nourishing ingredients like vitamins and minerals to replenish the lost nutrients.

• Strength – The conditioner must protect your hair against excessive sunlight, wind and other environmental factors so that it does not break easily. Plus, healthy hair is strong hair.

• Moisture – Moisture is also lost during shampooing while conditioning brings it back. You will then have shiny, lustrous and silky hair instead of dry strands.

• Smoothening – Your conditioner must work against frizz and flyaway strands.

When you shampoo and condition your hair on a regular basis, you can enjoy the benefits of healthy, shiny and bouncy hair.